It+systems Manager

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Bengaluru / Bangalore      4-7 Years

Posted: 09-Nov-2018

Job Description

    Salesforce CRM Database and IT Management
    You have supreme attention to detail and advanced knowledge of database design and maintenance. You are effective at promoting process compliance, diagnosing and solving complex problems. You are able to prioritise work-plans and manage client expectations, knowing your teams resource limits and always aiming to achieve the best business outcome.
    Responsible for overall integrity of salesforce database and data to enable our Sales, Fundraising, Operations, HR and Finance teams to excel.
    Quality control Salesforce CRM data records and provide support, upgrades or training as needed to maintain quality integrity.
    Assess needs of business clients requesting technology modifications, prioritise development activities, manage development pipeline and ensure high quality performance of all enhancements from design through to user testing and roll-out.
    Proactively identify technology gaps or weaknesses and upgrade to meet business needs.
    Simple and complex enhancements on existing application to streamline processes being employed.
    Reporting support to our Sales, Operations, People+Culture and Finance teams through monitoring and data analysis.
    Strategy and Process Design 
    You have an eye on new developments and opportunities in information technology. You can co-create processes that meet competing business needs and articulate this clearly to your colleagues. You think creatively in both low-tech and high-tech scenarios ensuring that your strategy and designs meet the needs of the end-user and are elegant and efficient.
    Develop, in partnership with the leadership team, the information technology strategy considering the needs of each business unit and market changes in technology service and suppliers.
    Design and implement strategic technology developments with support of Junior Developer and operations team.
    Identify process gaps and weaknesses, and collaborate with stakeholders (including executive, managers, operations teams, sales agents and customers as needed) to design holistic process improvements with the end objective of maintaining control and removing room for error.
    Assess risks to business relevant to technology in current form and through future enhancements, always seeking to minimise impact on business functions and maximise simplicity for our team.
    Training and Development
    You thrive on the opportunity to enable others through technology, and to support your team to use technology for its maximum benefit in their day to day roles.
    Ensure all staff have relevant knowledge of Pollinate Energy information technology platforms and are able to use these platforms effectively to perform their roles.
    Proactively identify skill gaps and team needs to inform training programs.
    Work with People + Culture team to develop and facilitate training programs and manuals to use across all locations ensuring that we are developing the skills of our team in information technology use.
    Develop and facilitate any additional training activities as required for major enhancements and upgrades.
    General Administration and supplier management
    You are accountable for our overall information technology system access, use and development through 3rd party providers.
    Accountable for account setup and manage all license agreements and records (Salesforce, Angaza, Gmail)
    Manage documentation system ensuring accurate use of Google Drive and ease of access to relevant documentation for all teams.
    Oversee website management through simple updates, provide training support for Philanthropy team to self-manage update sections of website
    Direct any 3rd party providers to ensure high quality service provision, and effective integration with our information technology systems.

Job Type

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